Aakash Chopra and Virender Sehwag berate Pakistan for using excuses


After Pakistan’s third straight defeat in the ongoing ODI World Cup, India’s former cricketers, Aakash Chopra and Virender Sehwag have kept their opinions forward.

Apparently, the Men in Green got a rather humiliating defeat to Afghanistan yesterday and have received backlash since then.

However, both Chopra and Sehwag have stated that using poor excuses, such as Naseem Shah’s absence is not going to help Pakistan in any way.

Previously, Pakistan was defeated by India and Australia and is now finding it difficult to survive in the tournament.

If they don’t win their next game, then their journey in the ODI World Cup is over and they will have no chance of entering the semifinals.

Meanwhile, Chopra has criticized Pakistan saying that they are in a bad spot in the World Cup just like they were in 4th place in the Asia Cup.

Naseem Shah is a damn good bowler. No doubt about it. But using his absence as an excuse for losing three matches in a row is a cop-out. People from Pakistan on this platform need to ask questions to the PCB instead. Finished fourth in the Asia Cup. Now, the World Cup. How did it come to this?

Sehwag also expresses disappointment over Pakistan’s performance; congratulates Afghanistan for their maiden win

Furthermore, Virender Sehwag didn’t hold back from expressing his opinion and stated that Babar Azam and his men have no idea of their weaknesses.

He then went on to congratulate Afghanistan for securing their first-ever ODI win over Pakistan.

Pakistan is an unpredictable side but the way they have been making lame excuses for their earlier defeats, this was certainly on the cards. Just did not focus on their many weaknesses. What a proud day for Afghanistan, came close many times but today crossed the line. #AFGvsPAK

Meanwhile, Naseem Shah was ruled out before the start of the World Cup because of sustaining a shoulder injury.

He got the injury while playing against India in the rain-hit match at Colombo’s R Premdasa Stadium during the Asia Cup last month.

Moreover, he has successfully undergone surgery for the same and is making good progress.

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