India’s ‘Best Fielder Medal’ is quickly gaining popularity among fans


In the ongoing ODI World Cup, India’s coaching staff has come up with a new exercise to keep players in a competitive spirit.

The activity, known as the Best Fielder medal is presented to players who perform outstandingly well in the field.

He then uses innovative ways to present the medal and this keeps the players in an element of surprise.

Meanwhile, this activity is quickly gaining popularity on social media among fans as they wait for the post-match proceedings.

The story behind this activity is that India’s fielding outings in the Asia Cup and against the West Indies weren’t par.

Previously, coaches talked about the players’ performance verbally without presenting any medal.

Team Management is happy with the competitive exercise of Best Fielder Medal; India’s players showing great enthusiasm on the field

Therefore, this medal holds a special significance in the Indian dressing room as it keeps the players on their toes.

Recently, Ravindra Jadeja and Shreyas Iyer received the medal for their exemplary performances in the field.

The team management felt that an exercise where the best fielder should receive a medal should take place in order to keep the environment more competitive among the players after Australia’s three ODI series.

In the game against Bangladesh, T Dilip announced the winner on the giant screen and Jadeja won the award.

Then, in the next game, he went one step further and the Spider Cam brought forward the name.

While India dropped a few easy catches, Shreyas ensured that the Blackcaps were in trouble right from the start.

Therefore, he took a brilliant catch in the fourth over of Devon Conway which resulted in a major setback.

Furthermore, the introduction of such a unique idea has captured the attention of millions in India.

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