Rohit Sharma amuses reporters with his epic reply to his T20 future

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma amuses reporters with his epic reply to his T20 future.


It’s amazing to see how Rohit Sharma handles the media with such ease and wit. During his recent media appearance after India’s triumph against South Africa in Cape Town, the skipper showcased his brilliance once again. He didn’t hesitate to criticize the ICC match officials and urged them to be more impartial. Moreover, Rohit Sharma also took a jibe at those who frequently criticize the Indian wickets when games end early. With the upcoming series against Afghanistan in mind, Rohit managed to silence the critics of his Indian wickets during the press conference. Moreover, when a reporter tried to ask him about his T20 future, Rohit Sharma gave an epic reply. The skipper’s reply left everyone amused. Rohit Sharma said that,

“Dimaag laga rahe ho aap(You are using you brain)…let’s concentrate on Cape Town now”

Furthermore, during the press conference, Rohit Sharma went on to say that India’s victory was among the best ever.

“It will be one of our best Test match victories. Having never won here, it’s right up there with all the victories we have had. It’s hard to compare Tests which you win elsewhere. Hard to rank these Tests. Every Test match has it’s own relevance and importance. The game in Gabba. The last time Australia lost there was 1988, I think. It became their fortress and the way we won that Test was important” 


Furthermore, when asked if a three-match series would have been preferable, Rohit Sharma said

“You can’t really rank the Tests. It’s right up there though. That shows how important a venue it is to come here and win. Credit to the team. That’s not in our hand. I can’t decide fixtures, I would do something else entirely. What’s there is there. We take pride in playing this series” 

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