Rajasthan Royals all set to open a new cricket academy in Jaipur

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IPL franchise, Rajasthan Royals has recently announced the opening of their new cricket academy in Jaipur.

Meanwhile, the plan to open this academy is next year and it will help to nurture young talents from Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Royals has a penchant for nurturing young talents in the IPL and is always ready to support grassroots cricket.

Moreover, this academy is a collaboration with PS Sports Academy and situated in Muhana.

Additionally, this cricket academy will act as a stepping stone for the addition of future cricket academies.

Also, this academy will have a fully structured curriculum that will teach young men and women to play the sport the Royals way.

Meanwhile, the IPL franchise has already put in place various cricketing programs that help players of both genders.

Some of these programs are the Royal Sparks and Colts Program and the Rajasthan Royals Cricket Cup.

Additionally, in the Cricket Cup, more than 700 U19 girls from 50+ schools in Rajasthan took part.

Furthermore, the franchise is also actively involved in recruiting net bowlers and players for the IPL.

Through these experiments, the Royals hope that future talents will be able to play in the IPL and for India.

The major benefits of this cricket academy opening are that the young male and female players will get great rewards.

They will get to compete with other Royals’ cricket academies and get good training from experienced coaches.

Additionally, they will also get access to the Royals’ High-Performance Centre in Nagpur.

Finally, they will get some much-needed insights from former and current Royals players on cricket.

Jake Lush McCrum and Pankaj Singh excited about the opening of the new cricket academy

Says Jake Lush McCrum, CEO of the Rajasthan Royals,

The upcoming Rajasthan Royals Cricket Academy in Jaipur is a significant development for our franchise as we look to further support grassroots cricket in the state. The quality facilities will enable us to develop a large pool of male and female players who we hope will be the future stars of Rajasthan and Indian cricket.

Talking about the same, former Rajasthan Royals player, Pankaj Singh says,

I am pleased to see my first-ever IPL team, the Rajasthan Royals, taking this step to enhance the quality of cricket in the state. The Rajasthan Royals Cricket Academy will create a platform for young cricketers in Jaipur and neighbouring areas to hone their skills and achieve their true potential. It will also motivate the young kids to take up the sport and dream of playing for India, Rajasthan and the Royals one day.

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