Quinton de Kock feels Maxwell doesn’t get the respect he deserves

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South Africa wicketkeeper-batter, Quinton de Kock has recently given his opinion on Australian allrounder, Glenn Maxwell.

In the ongoing ODI World Cup, it is Australia and South Africa who are facing each other at Lucknow’s Ekana Cricket Stadium.

Before the game, de Kock talked about the Australian bowling strategies and talked about Maxwell’s bowling prowess.

Recently, both teams also played an ODI series before the start of the World Cup in which South Africa came out as the winners.

Earlier, they were trailing at 0-2 but then staged a remarkable comeback from behind to win the series 3-2.

Now, de Kock feels that every team undervalues and underestimates Maxwell which makes him such a great spinner and he knows that very well.

Then Maxi, I think a lot of guys underrate him. I think he’s a really good offie, especially in the white-ball format. He keeps it very tight. I think teams underestimate him. I think that’s why he does really well because I think he knows he’s a good spinner. I think other guys don’t give him the respect he deserves. But that’s what I’ve seen and watched over the years.

De Kock says that South Africa-Australia is just another rivalry

The long-standing rivalry between South Africa and Australia has seen quite some history over the years.

It has always been about heated battles between the two sides and also the skills that each of the sides possesses.

However, if fans remember the Sandpaper Gate fiasco, it gives a good reminder of just how much of a rivalry it is between the two teams.

But, now the sides have mellowed down and have forgotten all about the incident and take it just like any other rivalry.

Says de Kock on the Proteas-Aussie rivalry,

I’m not too sure. I think it’s just a rivalry. I think it’s just international cricket, it’s just the way it is. Both teams are strong teams, both got big egos, both want to win, want to beat each other. So, I think that’s what it just comes down to.

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