Pat Cummins finds ODI cricket very demanding and taxing on the body

Pat Cummins

Australia skipper, Pat Cummins has recently given his take on the 50-over format and has stated that it is quite a challenging one.

Meanwhile, Australia did not get the best of starts in the ongoing ODI World Cup where they lost their opening game to hosts, India.

Now, Cummins says that the ODI format has been quite a difficult and challenging one for him. He also stated that he has been quite focused on playing more Tests and T20Is.

Apparently, Cummins made his ODI debut way back in 2011 and has the experience of playing only 78 ODIs so far.

He now feels that his tactical approach to the game needs a massive change and he wants to do exactly that.

Early in my career, I found it a hard balance between Test cricket and T20, and I was getting too funky. With one-day cricket, your roles can be very different- from being an opening bowler with a ball that swings, to coming on first change and maybe bowling cross-seamers where you are trying to defend and get your wickets through pressure. It’s a different kind of challenge to other formats.

Cummins admits that ODI cricket is quite physical and taxing

Meanwhile, Cummins also talked about the ODI format being a big challenge for bowlers who have to bowl ten overs during the whole game.

While he has branded ODI cricket as tough and challenging, he has also said that he is quite enjoying the challenge.

The biggest challenge is that you’ve got ten overs [to bowl]. It’s quite a physical format, I find it the most physically taxing if you are doing two or three games in a week. We are doing 15k (kilometers) in a 50-over match.

Adding further, he says,

In T20, if you bowl one really good over that can be match-winning. But in one-day cricket, it’s not normally the case, and it’s rare that conditions are in the bowlers’ favour, which is fine. It’s just a challenge you’ve got to try and deal with. It’s tough but I do enjoy it.

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