Michael Vaughan says not allowing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ resulted in their loss

India vs Pakistan

During the India-Pakistan game, the absence of the song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ before the game, resulted in the latter’s loss.

Meanwhile, former England skipper, Michael Vaughan has taken a dig at Pakistan coach, Mickey Arthur’s post-match comments.

Says Vaughan on Arthur’s bizarre post-match analysis of the game,

Without doubt, Rohit Sharma’s best move, and the move that won them the game, and the Pakistan coach alluded to it afterwards, is Rohit obviously said to the DJ- Just do not play ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’.

Vaughan said this statement on the podcast named Club Prairie Fox which is co-hosted by former Australia keeper-batter, Adam Gilchrist.

Adding further, he says,

If they played ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, Pakistan were going to win. Do not play that song pre-match. Make sure they don’t hear that inspirational song that obviously makes them play so well.

It is no surprise that Vaughan is always known for his sharp wit and funny banter and he continued to jibe at Arthur’s comments,

That was clever. Most captains don’t think of things like that. The DJs, the music. Rohit is ahead of his times.

This left Gilchrist in splits and he laughed to his heart’s content in the podcast over Pakistan coach, Mickey Arthur.

Arthur called the India-Pakistan match a BCCI event rather than an ICC one

For those who don’t know, Pakistan coach, Mickey Arthur stated that the India-Pakistan game looked more like a BCCI event rather than an ICC one.

He also felt a bit remorseful for not being able to hear the song, ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ on the field during the entire game.

However, his weird post-match analysis has made him a butt of jokes and memes and they are still being circulated.

Meanwhile, after losing two games against India and Australia, Pakistan will now look to bounce back in their next game.

Even their fans want they start winning their games and keep their momentum in the tournament alive.

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