Is England’s time running out in the ODI World Cup 2023?


After losing out to Sri Lanka in yesterday’s ODI World Cup game, England’s chances of making it to the top four are looking grim.

However, with the changed format of this World Cup where each team plays the other nine before the semis, England can still scrape through to get into the top four.

So, the scenario for England at the moment is that they need to win their remaining four games and hope that other results go their way.

By winning all of their four games, England will get 10 points in the end which could raise them to 3rd place in the points table.

Let’s take a look at how England can still finish in the top four of the World Cup.

Scenario for England to finish in the Top Four of the ODI World Cup

New Zealand must lose all of their remaining four games and remain at 8 points.

India should win three of their four games, and lose to England, and South Africa should beat everyone else and lose to India. This way, India and South Africa will have 16 and 14 points respectively, and take up the top two spots.

Australia must beat New Zealand and lose the rest of their matches, and Afghanistan must beat the Netherlands and Australia. This will ensure that both Afghanistan and Australia remain on eight points.

Sri Lanka must beat New Zealand and Afghanistan, and Pakistan must beat Bangladesh and New Zealand. This ensures that Sri Lanka and Pakistan finish with eight points too.

England’s 10 points will allow them to climb up to 3rd place and five teams will have to fight for the 4th spot.

Will Pakistan remain a contender for the top four even if South Africa beats them?

Yes, Pakistan is very much in contention to grab a 4th spot and enter the semifinals of the tournament.

If they lose to South Africa today, they will remain with 10 points only. The scenarios described above, however, get a reversal and Pakistan beats England on 11th November, then the latter will have to fight for the 4th spot with the other four teams.

What becomes of India and will they be guaranteed a spot in the semifinals if they beat England on Sunday?

On the other hand, if India beats England on Sunday, they will maintain their spotless streak and get 12 points.

However, while eight points seem enough for qualification, 12 points might not be so.

So, if India loses all of their remaining games and stays on 12, other teams will try to fight with the Men in Blue.

The ultimate entry into the semifinal will depend on the net run rates of all teams.

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