Gautam Gambhir comments on England team’s let-down in the 2023 ODI World Cup


Gautam Gambhir comments on the England cricket team let-down in the 2023 ODI World Cup. England is currently at the bottom of the table of the World Cup.


Defending champions England cricket team are struggling to emerge out of the hardships. The team at the bottom has won only one out of five games in the tournament. The 2023 ODI World Cup commenced with England and New Zealand faceoff. In the commencement itself, England faced a setback by nine wickets. However, in the second game, the England cricket team overpowered Bangladesh by a margin of 137 runs. Nonetheless, their enjoyment was for a while, as in their third match against Afghanistan, England lost by 69 runs. Moreover, in the fourth game of the tournament, the England team lost to South Africa by a margin of 229 runs. Their recent loss was against Sri Lanka by eight wickets.

The former cricketer of India, Gautam Gambhir, commented on the England team’s performance in the 2023 World Cup. According to the former cricketer, the England cricket team’s body language seems casual. Speaking to Star Sports, Gautam Gambhir said,

“Combination of the two. England’s body language from the start was as though they were extremely disinterested. You cannot bat in just one way. There isn’t even one batter in this entire batting unit who wants to grind. There is a difference between being able to do it and wanting to do it.” Talking about England cricket team, he further added,

“A lot of players say that this is their style and it’s up to you whether you select them or not. It means you are extremely selfish. Selfishness does not have any role in a team sport. It seemed like everyone was playing for their reputation and not for the country”

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