CISF officer humbled and happy after meeting MS Dhoni

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Recently, a CISF officer at Ranchi Airport shared his memorable meeting with former India skipper, MS Dhoni.

It is no secret that Dhoni is truly a very down-to-earth person and anyone who meets him instantly feels his humbled presence.

Also, many of his stories of humility are doing the rounds on the internet in recent times.

CISF officer, Satish Pandey has talked about his meeting with the former skipper and shared the story.

Pandey met Dhoni at Ranchi Airport’s VIP lounge and stated that as soon as he met the former skipper, he was awestruck by his warmth and gracious smile.

Moreover, he also talked with him about gaining life skills and how he deals with adversity in his life.

Additionally, he also pointed out one of Dhoni’s quotes wherein Dhoni stated that he just wants to live in the moment and how he wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

Officer relates his entire meeting with Dhoni via a letter

Furthermore, the officer also asked Dhoni how the former skipper handles the pressures of today’s fast-paced world.

Meanwhile, he has also talked about how Dhoni told him about the importance of personal growth and to keep updating oneself to achieve happiness in life.

Write the officer,

In discussing challenges, he revealed his unwavering spirit: ‘The never-lose-hope feature is inbuilt in me as a sportsman.’ This statement encapsulated his resilience and determination. As our conversation drew to a close, I expressed my gratitude for his precious advice.

Adding further, he says,

This meeting was brief, but its impact on me was immeasurable. Dhoni sir’s humility, wisdom, and genuine demeanour left an indelible mark on my outlook on life. I left the VIP lounge feeling both inspired and blessed to have shared that moment with him.

Interestingly, Dhoni is garnering many headlines on social media and worldwide, whether it be his reaction to Chandrayaan landing or him on the streets of Ranchi.

Therefore, the former skipper’s popularity knows no bounds among his fans.

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