Yuvraj Singh recalls Sachin Tendulkar’s advice to stop consuming news

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Former ace Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh recalls legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar’s advice to stop consuming news by both means, television and newspaper.

The media always have their regards to scrutinizing cricketers over their performance in a cricket match. Amidst a tournament, criticism following past circumstances creates a burden on a team.


India’s former all-rounder Yuvraj Singh, recalling an event from the past involving a media grill, recalled Sachin Tendulkar’s advice. Recalling the 2011 World Cup match between India and South Africa, the cricketer expressed the media effect on the team. India was on the brink of winning the game, but in the end, South Africa paved the way to win the match by three wickets.

On the Indian team losing the game, the media had their own set of probes. The media scrutiny burdened Team India. Indian legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar had some advice for the team to avoid consuming news witnessing the team’s situation. In addition, the cricketer called for an emergency meeting to bring back the Indian team’s focus on the game. Yuvraj Singh told The Week that

“We were trying to focus on the game, and in the World Cup, we had lost to South Africa – a game we should have won. The media started to go berserk. Sachin sat down with the team and said, ‘We need to stop watching television, stop reading the papers. Use our headphones when we are going through crowds in airports. Just focus on the World Cup’. The team agreed, we just followed that and it really worked”

Yuvraj Singh further added

“Problem with India is that people think only the Indian team will win. It’s a big World Cup, there are so many good teams out there, and we got to be really focused on your tasks at hand”

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