Rohit Sharma breaks silence for the first time since the CWC23 final

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma breaks silence for the first time since the World Cup 2023 final loss. Australia lifted the cup for the sixth time in history.


After loosing the World Cup 2023 final. skipper Rohit Sharma at last talked about how he handled the loss. Rohit Sharma thanked his friends and family in a tearful video supporting him throughout the difficult time. He said,

“I had no idea how to come back from this. I had no clue what to do. My family and friends kept me going, and kept things pretty light around me, which was quite helpful. It was not easy to digest, but life moves on and you have to move on. Honestly, it was tough and it was not so easy to move on. I have always grown up watching 50-over World Cup. To me that was the ultimate prize. We have worked all these years for that World Cup. And It’s disappointing if you don’t get through it, you don’t get what you want. You get disappointed. You get frustrated as well” 

Rohit Sharma further added,

“I thought we did everything we could from our side. If someone asked what went wrong with our side? We won 10 games and in that 10 games, we made mistakes. But those happen in every game we play. You can’t have a perfect game, you can have a near-perfect game”


Furthermore, Rohit Sharma gave his thoughts on the team’s nearly flawless performance throughout the World Cup 2023. he said,

“If I look on the other side of it, I am really proud of the team. How we played was simply outstanding. You don’t get to play like that in every World Cup. I am sure that how we played at least up until the final, it would have given people a lot of joy”

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