Sanjay Manjrekar and Sanjay Bangar talk about India’s batting strength

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Former India cricketers, Sanjay Bangar and Sanjay Manjrekar have talked about India’s batting strength.

According to Manjrekar, India’s top three are very strong and they will have to ensure that they don’t lose wickets.

He has also highlighted the fact that the beginning of an ODI game is always a bit like Test cricket.

That’s why Manjrekar feels that Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, and Virat Kohli must play out the entire 50 overs.

See, fortunately for India, number one, two, and three, when Virat bats at number three, they are three very good test batters. And you might talk about 50 overs being a one-day match and white-ball cricket and all that, but the start of a 50 overs game is not like a T20 match.

Adding further, he says,

I think there are some serious test cricket skills needed, and then Rohit Sharma got these five hundreds in the last World Cup. I remember him respecting the bowling in the first 10 overs. And these three guys- Gill, Rohit Sharma, and Virat- who have excellent credentials as defensive test batters, that is the game they’ll have to bring. If they don’t lose early wickets, then it’s just their game.

Sanjay Bangar talks about the adaptability of KL Rahul in different formats of cricket

On the other hand, Sanjay Bangar has commented on the adaptability of KL Rahul.

He also stressed the fact that the team management is also exploring the different options at hand.

He says that KL Rahul is a versatile player and that he brings a lot of depth to India’s batting.

KL Rahul is a very versatile player, especially when he is played as a batter. Sometimes he has opened the innings, sometimes he has batted at number 5. So, today we got to see a lot of things in the camp. Today, we also saw different pairs of players batting together, like as we have seen in yesterday’s session- Shubman Gill and Rohit Sharma were batting in pairs.

Concluding, he says,

Today, KL and Rohit were batting together in pairs. Thus, it means the team management might have this thought on their mind that whether KL Rahul can be utilized as an opening batsman. I don’t think this is their first option, but obviously, they want to give their best chance for that, or they want to keep an option with them.

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