Sanjay Bangar praises Hardik Pandya’s resurgence in cricket

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Former India player and batting coach, Sanjay Bangar has recently commented on Hardik Pandya’s rise in Indian cricket.

It is no wonder that after a severe back injury, Pandya showed great resilience and made a smashing comeback into the Indian side.

Additionally, he played so well in the shortest format of the game, that he was eventually made skipper of the same.

According to Bangar, this is all the result of Pandya’s hard work, dedication, and keen sense of the game.

Meanwhile, as skipper of the Gujarat Titans, he led the team to victory in their first edition of the IPL itself.

That’s why Bangar says that Pandya’s journey is nothing short of inspirational and he is a very impactful skipper.

He is not a new player. He has the experience and as an individual, he has grown a lot.

All of Pandya’s hard work has raised his stature in the Indian side and he is highly respected by the fans as well.

Pandya has shown great perseverance in his cricketing journey

On the other hand, Pandya has been quite a diligent and hard-working player.

Overcoming his severe injuries and gaining peak fitness once again, he has shown to the world that he has great passion and dedication for cricket.

Also, his captaincy in T20 cricket is quite impactful and he has guided his teammates well whenever he has spotted the opportunity.

Therefore, Bangar has appreciated Pandya’s work not only on the field but even off it as well.

The way he recovered after his injury, got his fitness back and how he has captained the side in the T20 format… he has guided the team in a very good way.

He feels that Pandya has now become a well-rounded individual and a poised leader of the game.

The way he speaks, you get the impression that he has these qualities in him.

With the Asia Cup and the ODI World Cup in the mix, fans will be quite eager to see a fit Hardik Pandya on the field.

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