Rohit Sharma recalls struggling days: “Financially we were not that sound”

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma recalls the old struggling days of his family not being financially sound. The Indian skipper wasn’t part of the 2011 World Cup and will now represent India as a skipper in the 2023 World Cup.


Rohit Sharma recalled how he had to live with his grandparents during his childhood because of financial instability. During an interview with The Indian Express, Rohit Sharma said,

“Still, as a father now, I can understand the pain and sacrifice. I can imagine it now, how tough it would have been for my parents to leave me then. Being the first child also, they had to take that decision and it was forced. It was not that my mother and father wanted to do this. My grandfather was the boss, he had nine children!

he added

“Financially we were not that sound. It was not like whatever we wanted, we will get it. When my grandfather said something, it was done; he had that kind of respect. It was probably a sensible decision by him, thinking about the future”

Talking about players not being included in the World Cup team, Rohit Sharma said he had personally contacted them. He further spoke of him not being selected for the 2011 World Cup.

“Ha ha! Well, quite different, but not easy either. But when the thought behind it is clear, for the sake of the team, it has to be done. I contacted those who were not picked. It is very important that players know ki bhai kya chal raha hai (what is the thought behind the decision). Why is anyone dropped? Players do get upset and it’s valid too. I too have gone through the same thing. My agenda is to get the best from the team, however, we can. I’m not the only one who decides which player I want. It is a collective decision” 

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