PCB doesn’t wants us to win World Cup, claims senior players of Pakistan


PCB doesn’t want us to win the World Cup 2023, claims senior players of Pakistan. A veteran player makes serious allegations against PCB.


A veteran player makes severe accusations against PCB for impending the squad’s World Cup 2023 campaign. The difficulties in the Pakistan team go deep. Pakistan’s performance in the World Cup 2023 makes it difficult to imagine that, just a few weeks ago, they were the top-ranked ODI team. Although they have always been irregular, their caliber has never been questionable. They were always a dangerous opponent and strong contender. Pakistan has the necessary pieces to create an impact. Pakistan was one of the contenders to win the trophy in the 2023 World Cup.

However, the squad hasn’t had that spark or magic. As a result, they have lost four straight games, leaving the tournament fate in trouble. However, Babar Azam and his team’s flaws extend beyond the pitch. Deep-rooted issues exist because a senior player has accused the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). He has allegations on PCB of intentionally undermining the team’s World Cup tournament. Speaking with Cricbuzz, a senior player said that,

“The board wants the team to fail, they don’t want us to win the World Cup just so that they can make the changes and take control of who leads the team and who gets into the team”

“They (PCB) are going to be blaming everybody, don’t worry. It’s just the way of the world… It’s really unfair to start a witch hunt, certainly on Babar Azam, on Inzi, on our coaches, on the management team. What I do know is the boys have tried and the effort of the coaching staff, and the effort of the players has been first-class. If they would see the amount of effort that the players and staff put in, they would be amazed”

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