Kaif praises Kohli’s abilities against Pakistan; says he’s a big player

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Former India pacer, Mohammad Kaif has given heavy praises for star batter, Virat Kohli.

According to Kaif, Kohli has given great expectations to fans after performing incredibly well against Pakistan.

Furthermore, he also says that Kohli has the ability to overcome vast challenges and when he plays against Pakistan, his bat does the talking.

Overcoming challenges is one of Virat’s best qualities. That has become his habit. It’s a big match, and his record against Pakistan is great. Whenever he plays against Pakistan, his bat does the talking.

Adding further, he says,

And people have high expectations of him. People have expectations from someone who performs regularly. For newer players, as it is a big game, the expectations are not as high. But the senior players, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, if they fail, the fans don’t like it at all. There is no compromise on that; they have to perform with the bat and continue their form for the past two or three years and perform well at the World Cup also.

Kaif talks about important match-ups in India vs Pakistan game

Meanwhile, Kaif also talked about the importance of match-ups in a high-octane clash like India vs Pakistan.

Usually, fans are quite excited to watch the match-up between Virat Kohli and Shaheen Shah Afridi during these clashes.

That’s why Kaif says that Kohli will not back out from this opportunity and use it to the fullest to smash the opposition bowlers.

Shaheen will continue to bring the ball in, bowling his inswing. He has told it himself that his game plan is very simple, bring the ball in and fast, whatever the batsman wants to do let him, his game plan is straightforward- bring the ball in, hit the pad and hit the stumps. So it will be exciting to see Virat Kohli in the form he is in to take him on; it is the most key matchup of the game. What makes Virat special is his ability to play in the big matches, and he won’t play on the backfoot. Naseem Shah, Afridi or Rauf, whoever is bowling, don’t play on the backfoot. If you get the chance, even on the first ball, look for the boundary.

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