An Indian fan rips up Bangladesh’s mascot, tiger toy during IND vs BAN

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An Indian fan rips up Bangladesh’s mascot, tiger toy during the India vs Bangladesh game in Pune. India defeated Bangladesh by seven wickets.


The India vs Bangladesh game on October 19 at Maharashtra Cricket Association in Pune took an ugly turn. Indian fans were seen harassing the Bangladesh super fan, Shoaib Ali Bukhari, also known as Tiger Shoaib. Video footage surfaced showing an Indian fan was ripping apart the tiger mascot after Bangladesh’s loss to India. Shoaib Ali Bukhari is a Bangladesh superfan, who paints his body in tiger colours and carries a tiger toy to the stadium. He has been visiting India for a long time, supporting Bangladesh. However, the superfan this time faced unexpected behavior during India vs Bangladesh game.

Following the incident, Shoaib expressed his profound disappointment on social media. He called for respect and courtesy during matches and stressed the significance of upholding the spirit of cricket as a gentleman’s game. After the incident, Indian fans expressed their regret and apologized to him. They acknowledged that such behavior was unacceptable and did not represent the true spirit of cricket.

Before the match, He even had met India’s skipper Rohit Sharma and praised him. Moreover, Rohit Sharma, upon seeing him, rolled down his car window and greeted him with”Arey tu yaha agaya (Hey, you have come here as well!).” In addition, Shoaib Ali Bukhari was quoted by the Daily Star, saying that,

“I was waiting along with some other Bangladeshi fans outside the main gate of the stadium as the team was training inside the ground. Suddenly I spotted a blue car with Rohit Sharma in the driving seat. I shouted his name. The next moment, Rohit stopped his car and spoke to me. This is why he is a big player, he is a very down-to-earth person”

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