Paras Mhambrey says “As of now, there is no discussion of rotation”


India’s Bowling coach Paras Mhambrey says, “As of now, there is no discussion of rotation from our point of view.


Bowling Coach Paras Mhambrey says that it’s important to maintain the momentum we have now. Moreover, he also talked about missing out players in the team. Ahead of India’s training session, Paras Mhambrey said the media that, “It is important to maintain the start. As of now, there is no discussion of rotation from our point of view. We want to carry this momentum to the next game as well” he further added

“Honestly, it is never easy to see. But right now the conversations are on, we had a clear chat with him. Whenever we select a squad the message from us is clear that we pick a team we feel is the best for that wicket” Furthermore, talking about Ashwin he added,

“Sometimes you will miss out, someone like him is missing out, someone like Ash (Ravichandran Ashwin) will miss out and I think that is the communication we had with him (and) we were very clear. It is a difficult decision, honestly we know with the quality that he brings to the team. It is difficult but we have to take the decision, we (can) only have eleven on the field. He has been a great lad, he understands that, he is a great team guy. I have never seen him grumpy, I have never seen him complaining at any time in any of the last few years that he has been with us”


Talking about SKY, PARAS MHAMBREY further added,

“Surya is a champion, he is a match-winner for you. He has shown (it) to you. He is a difficult batsman to bowl anywhere, look at the fine leg area (and) you need to get it covered, you look at third man (and) you need to get it covered. You bring covers up and he starts hitting out there. He is a 360 (degree) player”

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