Ben Stokes, KL Rahul, and other athletes start The Players Fund

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International athletes from the realms of cricket and football have started a new fund called The Players Fund.

This fund is going to be operated solely in the UK and has already received good backing from many athletes.

Moreover, the goal of this fund is to unite and consolidate the athlete-investor community throughout the world.

Furthermore, this fund will involve not only renowned athletes from across the world but also venture capitalists.

Additionally, this fund will give some great benefits to the athlete community.

Some of the investors for this fund are England Test skipper, Ben Stokes, India player, KL Rahul, Stuart Broad, Jos Buttler, and footballers Chris Smalling, Serge Gnabry, and Hector Bellerin.

Ben Stokes and KL Rahul talk about the importance of The Players Fund

England Test skipper, Ben Stokes has highlighted the importance of The Players Fund recently.

Stokes is the founder of 4CAST and also a partner at The Players Fund and he has also said that this fund will provide a structured way for all athletes to invest early on.

Since starting 4CAST we have seen huge benefits of athletes and public figures coming together in business and we strongly believe athletes investing together cannot be underestimated. By combining our resources, networks and experience, we can achieve so much more collectively than as individuals. With The Players Fund we provide a structured way for athletes to confidently step into early stage investing and to do so alongside teammates and fellow athletes.

Supporting Stokes’ statement, KL Rahul has also talked about the benefits of this great fund.

Athletes can do so much more than just endorsements to create a positive impact. We need to take control of our financial futures and invest together in the future. I am excited to be a founding member of The Players Fund to support the Indian athlete and startup community. Athletes finally have a home to invest in technology collectively, upskill the next generation, and support founders improving access across education, healthcare and more. Our united voice and platforms have the power to transform lives.

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