BCCI not interested in changing ODI World Cup schedule

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Recently, the BCCI has given official confirmation that they will not be making any further changes to the ODI World Cup schedule.

This statement comes to the forefront after Hyderabad Cricket Association requested the board to reschedule two games.

This is because there aren’t enough security forces who can be prepared in the span of just one day.

Apparently, the HCA has got two games in the space of one day that is on October 9th and 10th.

These games are New Zealand vs Netherlands and Pakistan vs Sri Lanka respectively.

Therefore, they wanted that the BCCI retweak the schedule so that both games don’t face any security issues.

But, the BCCI has backed out from helping HCA at this point stating that any changes to the schedule will hamper the tournament.

That’s why HCA has decided to collaborate and comply with the board’s instructions as of now.

Says Durga Prasad, a member of the team appointed by Supreme Court’s administrator, L Nageswara Rao,

We have engaged in discussions with the BCCI, and they have indicated that changing the schedule is not feasible at this point. Therefore, we have concurred to collaborate.

BCCI and HCA hold talks over rescheduling games

Meanwhile, according to recent reports, it is learned that BCCI and HCA held talks on the rescheduling of the two games on the 21st of August.

Now, even Hyderabad Police has also agreed to comply with the BCCI’s wishes and has given assurance for the same.

Adds the HCA official,

We comprehend that BCCI’s vice-president, Mr Rajeev Shukla, has already issued a statement. We have been informed that making a last-minute alteration is challenging, and we are striving to make arrangements for the orderly execution of the matches. We have conferred with the city’s police commissioner, and he has reassured us of full assistance.

With all eyes on the mega event, it is now interesting to see how the teams are preparing for it.

The marquee event is scheduled to start on the 5th of October in Ahmedabad.

Furthermore, the sale of tickets will go live on the 25th of August which is now three days away.

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