Arjuna Ranatunga lashes out at ACC and ICC; calls them ‘toothless’

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Former Sri Lanka World Cup-winning captain, Arjuna Ranatunga has slammed both ICC and the ACC for the ongoing Asia Cup.

According to Ranatunga, the ACC did not properly organize this year’s Asia Cup and kept persisting for Colombo as the venue for all games despite the weather conditions.

Furthermore, he has also talked about the undue advantage that India and Pakistan got by giving them a reserve day for their match.

Ranatunga feels that this rule compromised the level playing field and other teams felt at a huge disadvantage.

Apparently, the Pakistan Cricket Board, or PCB decided to keep a reserve day at the eleventh hour for the India-Pakistan match.

Moreover, this sudden change of rule wasn’t questioned by the other boards and the players.

Meanwhile, Ranatunga has always been regarded as the shrewdest skipper and leader in the game of cricket.

He helped transform Sri Lanka into a formidable side by helping them win the World Cup and stamping their authority on the global stage.

Furthermore, he has also served on ICC’s Cricket Committee and has also been Sri Lanka Cricket’s chairman for a brief period.

He has stated that both the ACC and the ICC are toothless entities that have no control over the game of cricket and are simply puppets at the hands of the powerful cricket boards.

I don’t know whether the ICC is acting today or whether we have ICC. They always say ICC is the toothless tiger. They act in a very unprofessional way. I think they are the ones who should look at cricket and protect cricket. Ultimately, cricket should be controlled by the ICC, not by a country or an individual.

Ranatunga also lashes out at cricketers for not speaking up for the rule change

Additionally, Ranatunga also expressed his displeasure with the cricketers for not expressing their opinions about the sudden rule change.

He has clearly stated that today’s cricketers are more interested in earning money and that’s why they are not bothered to speak up on such issues.

I am not very comfortable with some of the things, especially when you have a tournament where you change rules for one team. You’re looking at a disaster in the future. No one talks about it. Have you ever seen a single cricketer talk about this rule change? No. Why? They don’t want to miss the buck. Simple as that.

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