Zainab Abbas apologises for her posts, reveals reason for exit from India

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Pakistan’s sports presenter and TV host Zainab Abbas apologizes for her social media posts. In addition, she also revealed the reason behind her hurried exit from World Cup 2023 in India.


Zainab Abbas’s sudden departure from World Cup 2023 held at India caught everyone’s attention. The sports presenter was part of the International Cricket Council’s(ICC) digital team.

Zainab Abbas left India on Monday, October 9. She was in Hyderabad, India to cover the Pakistan cricket team’s first two matches of the World Cup 2023. Apparently, Zainab Abbas reason for leaving India in the middle of the World Cup 2023 was because of her old social media posts. Talking off her reason of exit from India, Zainab Abbas wrote on X(formerly known as Twitter) that,

My daily interactions with everyone during my stay were kind, cheerful, and with a sense of familiarity – just as I had expected. I was neither asked to leave nor was I deported. However, I felt intimidated and scared by the reaction that was unfolding online. And even though there was no immediate threat to my safety, my family, and friends from both sides of the border were concerned. I needed some space and time to reflect on what had transpired”

Zainab Abbas added,

“I understand and deeply regret the hurt caused by the posts that were circulated. I wish to make clear that they do not represent my values or who I am as a person today. There is no excuse or space for such language, and I sincerely apologise to anyone who was offended. Also, I am truly grateful to those who were concerned and reached out during this challenging time”


In addition, a BCCI spokesperson said to PTI that,

“Zainab has not been deported, she has left for personal reasons,”

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