Why Wasn’t Biryani and Kebab Served to the Pakistan Team at the Kolkata Hotel?


Even as their world cup 2023 performance remains inconsistent. The Pakistan team isn’t letting it dampen their spirits when it comes to experiencing the sumptuous delicacies of India.

While their World Cup journey has been fraught with hurdles, their chances of reaching the knockouts remain a possibility albeit reliant on other game outcomes and their performance in the remaining matches, starting with the ongoing clash against Bangladesh on Tuesday.

World Cup obstacles have not stopped Pakistan from enjoying Indian food.

The players enjoyed the real flavors of Kolkata after arriving in the City of Joy. On Saturday for the match against Bangladesh, showcasing a taste for regional cuisine.

Pakistan team chose to indulge in Kolkata’s well-known cuisine instead of staying at their hotel. They bought their favorite local dishes, including Shahi Tukra, Kolkata biryani, chaap, kebabs, and the delicious Firni. From a well-known restaurant in the Park Circus Area via an online meal delivery service.

Given the travel restrictions imposed on them, this move ensured they didn’t miss out on a savoury tryst with the city’s mouthwatering dishes.

the Pakistan team enjoying amazing culinary explorations of India. From indulging in cuisine at Hyderabad’s renowned restaurants to dining in Bengaluru, the Men in Green have made sure they take advantage of the hospitality the country has to offer.

Legends of the game of cricket, most notably Wasim Akram, have also criticized this. Voicing concerns over the team’s condition in the wake of their unexpected loss to Afghanistan earlier this month.

They are trying to strike a balance between resting and preparing for the next games. However Even with strict security in place at their hotel , where a whole floor is set off for the squad.

After a few days off, Babar and his team returned to training at the Eden Gardens to get ready for their match against Bangladesh.

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