Why does India’s coach Rahul Dravid want to leave? revealed

Rahul dravid

Rahul Dravid is about to step down as India’s head coach. The World Cup 2023 Final marked the former Indian batter’s final game in charge of the team. It is unlikely that he will stay in that role.
As India’s coach, Rahul Dravid had a respectable performance. India qualified for both the World Cup and WTC Finals under his coaching, and they won the Asia Cup as well. After the World Cup, Dravid s contract was set to expire, but BCCI was happy to extend it. However, why did the former captain of India choose to resign from his position? There are two theories out there for that.

Dravid not keen on the workload

Rahul Dravid made the decision to forego taking on the same amount of work as the coach of team India. After nearly two decades as an Indian player, he has now suffered during his two years as the Indian team’s coach. The former Indian player is unwilling to follow the same schedule—which calls for extensive international travel—that an Indian coach must follow. According to reports, Dravid is content to work for the NCA since it will enable him to remain in Bengaluru, his hometown. Although he won’t take a permanent position, the former player for India is eager to occasionally coach the Indian team.

According to reports, Rahul Dravid has been searching for new pastures. The former player for India is searching for other opportunities after serving as an Indian coach for two years. Some reports claim that Dravid has already had conversations with a few other teams, and that he could be hired as a coach by any of the teams prior to the start of the upcoming season.

Whatever Dravid decides to play next, it will be a significant one. He will once more be in charge of developing the young players if he serves as NCA for another term. For him, playing in the Indian Premier League will also be a welcome change, albeit one that will only last a short while and involve a lot of traveling and a busy schedule.

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