The ODI Format is still in use! Attendance at the ICC Cricket World Cup in India broke records.


At the stadiums, over a million fans have flocked to the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 in India. Marking an unprecedented turnout. Surely this astounding number highlights cricket’s enormous global appeal and puts the event on course to become one of the most attended ICC tournaments ever.

Landmark Moment at Narendra Modi Stadium

During the thrilling match between Afghanistan and South Africa at the legendary Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The millionth fan passed through the turnstiles.

This historic event demonstrates the passion and zeal that cricket supporters bring to the competition. Also highlighting the game’s unmatched capacity to enthrall spectators and unite communities.
The world’s best cricket players are competing on the biggest stage. Across the ten stadiums in India hosting the World Cup matches.

The significant attendance at these locations indeed demonstrates the country’s unwavering love for the sport. As fans swarm to see unforgettable performances and exhilarating encounters.

The ODI Cricket Format Continues to Shine

The semi-finals on November 15 and 16 and the grand final on November 19. Surely these matches expected to bring the tournament’s momentum to a crescendo. However These high-stakes games are expected to provide an incredible finale to a tournament. That has broken attendance and digital records already in history.

The One Day International (ODI) format continues to elicit interest and excitement from fans, demonstrating its enduring appeal. Cricket fans have been captivated by the players’ skill and drama throughout the competition. Which has reinforced the importance and allure of One Day International cricket on a global scale.

Chris Tetley, the ICC Head of Events, expressed his thoughts on the monumental achievement. By stating, “With over 1 million attendees and record-breaking viewership. The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 has reminded cricket fans around the world of the support and interest in the ODI format that highlights how much world cup cricket is valued. As we look ahead to the knockout stages. We also look forward to this event breaking more records and showcasing the best about cricket in one day.

Visionary Leadership and Commitment

Jay Shah highlighted the teamwork and dedication that went into making this World Cup a huge success while offering his viewpoint on Twitter. He also conveyed his appreciation to the committed supporters, state organizations, and partners who were instrumental in putting this enormous event together. Without a doubt, Shah’s goal of making this World Cup the best ever has come true, with records breaking and the possibility of even more excitement in the pivotal final stages.

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