The IOC will investigate assisting women’s cricket in Afghanistan prior to the LA28 Olympic Games.

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One of the most widely reported events in the community recently was the addition cricket to the Olympic Games. After the International Olympic Committee (IOC) members decided to add T20 cricket to the famous event, the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, or LA28, would feature T20 cricket as one of its sports.

One of the main topics of discussion leading up to LA28. However, has been whether the IOC will allow Afghanistan’s men’s team to compete in the competition without their female counterparts. Gender equality has previously been one of the main issues. The IOC president stepped forth to say that they will be watching how much support the women’s team receives. In order to secure a safe entry for Afghanistan’s women’s squad into the tournament.

It should be noted that until a solution for female participation is discovered, the IOC has not yet approved athletes from Afghanistan to compete in the Olympic Games.

We have had ongoing conversations and discussions with the Afghan government authorities since that regime change. We’ve been insisting on removing existing barriers from the government that hinder women and young girls from accessing sport opportunities. The IOC executive board took a very clear position on this in December 2022, and we have reiterated that position with the government authorities on numerous occasions, including last week. Where we met the new Director of Sport and Physical Education to reiterate the IOC’s position on that,”. James Macleod said as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

We are closely monitoring this: Thomas Bach(IOC)

The president of the IOC, took the podium to discuss the Asian Games delegation from Afghanistan that will be attending in 2023. He believe that the IOC’s position on cricket in LA28 may be significantly influence by an Afghanistan NOC.

We are keeping a close eye on this. And we have also been encouraged by our member in Afghanistan. Sameera Ashghari, to continue our support for female athletes and their entourage in Afghanistan” Thomas Bach said.

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