Fans should not create too much hype, according to Kapil Dev’s advice.

Mohammed Siraj

In reference to India’s six-wicket loss to Australia in the World Cup final earlier this month, the legendary Kapil Dev stated on Tuesday that too much hype frequently results in broken hearts and that it is therefore always important to strike a balance.

We shouldn’t create so much hype: Kapil Dev

The 1983 World Cup-winning skipper Kapil said that the Indian fans should refrain from creating too much pressure and treat cricket just as another sport.

Don’t keep so much hopes that people end up with broken hearts. We need to keep a balance. Other teams also came to India to compete in the World Cup. We shouldn’t create so much hype. We need to look at sports as sports only. Whoever plays good on the day, we need to respect that. We are too emotional,” Kapil said on the sidelines of the inaugural tee off ceremony of Grant Thornton Invitational 2023 golf tournament here.

Australia turned the tables on India at the Narendra Modi Stadium on November 19, after the country had won ten straight games, the majority of which were lopsided contests. During the period of 2014 to 2023, India participated in eight ICC tournaments, winning only three and losing seven of the knockout games. Kapil is unsure if the occasion’s pressure affects them.

I believe that players in the modern era can express their level of pressure. All we can do is feel,” he remarked.

Still, Kapil said, “There are some issues that need to be addressed,” though he did not list them.

It feels great if they (India) win. We must address the shortcomings that exist. It’s not like you won’t have flaws after a victory. Correcting them is what matters most“, the 63-year-old stated.

He urged fans to celebrate what India achieved rather than what they missed out.

They (India) won 10 matches in a row. Is it not enough? We should look at other teams as well. We shouldn’t compare anyone. What is important is to see whether they played good cricket or not. We played very good cricket. Final day was not ours so be it,” Kapil said.

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