Ricky Ponting praises Rohit Sharma’s attitude towards World Cup 2023

Rohit Sharma

Former Australia skipper, Ricky Ponting has given massive praise to India skipper, Rohit Sharma.

Under Rohit’s able leadership, India is now at the top of the points table with three wins in three games and will look to continue in the same vein.

According to Ponting, Rohit’s ‘laid-back’ attitude will help him a lot throughout the World Cup and it also makes India a force to reckon with.

Additionally, Rohit’s captaincy skills have earned him accolades from cricket experts as well and they feel that the India skipper will be able to absorb every pressure gracefully.

Says Ponting on Rohit,

He’s very laid back, Rohit. Very laid back with everything he does. You can even see that by the way that he plays. He’s pretty laconic sort of batsman as well, and that’s the way he is both on and off the field.

Ponting feels that Virat would have found it difficult to deal with this pressure

Moreover, talking about Virat Kohli, Ponting says that the former India skipper would not have been able to absorb so much pressure.

He feels that Kohli is more of a heart-on-the-sleeve player and is always under the sway of his fans.

Talking about Rohit’s innings against Pakistan, he smashed 86 from 63 balls in the game and propelled India to a seven-wicket victory.

Furthermore, this inning shows Rohit’s stellar abilities to handle pressure and his excellent form and tactical prowess.

Says Ponting on Kohli,

Someone like Virat, who is a bit more heart-on-the-sleeve, and probably listens to the fans and plays up with the fans a little bit more, someone with his personality would probably find it a bit harder. But I think Rohit will be fine with it. He’s a terrific bloke and has been a great player for a long time, and he’s done a great job as leader of India.

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