Pat Cummins confident of Australia cricket team comeback in the CWC23

Pat Cummins

Australia’s cricket team skipper Pat Cummins is confident of the team’s comeback in the World Cup 2023. The five-time champions have started their campaign by losing two matches in a row.


The Australian cricket team faced defeat against India and South-Africa in the initial two matches of the World Cup 2023. Reacting to the losses, skipper Pat Cummins was quoted by India Today saying,

“Looking back at 2019, India and South Africa were the two teams that we lost to in the round games there. In the last year, they’re kind of the two teams that we’ve had the most trouble against. So, the opportunity now is we’ve got some teams we haven’t played for a while that we’ve had a lot of success against and be really confident when we go out there” he further added

“Not an ideal start at all. Everyone’s desperate to turn it around. We’re obviously 0-2, so we’ve got to start winning and start winning quick. Every game now becomes almost like a final. You’ve got to win just about all of them”. The Australian skipper, Pat Cummins lastly concluded that,

“No doubt we haven’t been up to the standard that we like to hold. We’ve been off the mark and been outplayed both games. When we’re at our best, we’re putting big runs on the board. We’re putting the pressure back into the opposition. Us bowlers are taking wickets through the middle. So, we haven’t been able to pull any of that together so far. So yeah, we know what makes us a really good team. “Again, it wasn’t that long ago. We’re number one in the world. So, we don’t have to look back too far to work out when we’re playing our best”

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