Aakash Chopra shuts Mohammad Hafeez on his controversial remark

Aakash Chopra

Former cricketer and commentator Aakash Chopra slams Mohammad Hafeez’s controversial remark about the World Cup organization. The former Pakistani cricketer lately criticized Indian pitches utilized for the World Cup 2023.

Mohammad Hafeez recently slammed Chennai’s pitch of Chepauk Stadium, which hosted the match between New Zealand and Bangladesh. The match was on October 13 Friday. Moreover, Hafeez also questioned whether the World Cup BCCI’s arrangement.


Hafeez on PTV Sports said that,

“At first, tomorrow the decision will be made whether the tournament is being organized by the ICC or the BCCI. Till now, there are three venues where two matches have been played – Hyderabad, Delhi, and Dharamsala. The pitch conditions were similar and it behaved similarly in both games. If the pitch is the same in Chennai, which was used for India vs Australia, then it’s understandable. But if there are slight changes, you can understand who is organizing the tournament” he further added,

“There should not be any influence, it’s an ICC tournament. It has to run as per its curators and instructions. If tomorrow’s pitch’s relevance is similar and the momentum is the same, it’s understandable. But if there’s a slight change like if it’s a batting track or different conditions, this is a big question mark and that’s my statement” 

Aakash Chopra replying to Mohammad Hafeez’s statement shut him his apt response. The former cricketer and commentator explained to Mohammad Hafeez why the pitches behave differently at different venues. Aakash Chopra replied on X saying that,

“Brother, the square at Chennai (and at many other stadia in India) have pitches made with different soil now. Red-Black and mixed. As you’d know…pitches made with different soil component will play differently. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the pitches behave radically different at the same venue throughout the World Cup”

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