MS Dhoni’s Shahrukh-style pony gives fans hope of his long hair

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Former India skipper, MS Dhoni recently sported a new hairstyle that got his fans talking non-stop.

It is an open secret that Dhoni loves to get new hairstyles and gets them every year for the IPL and his fans love him for it.

This time, he decided to go Bollywood style as he sported a Shahrukh Khan pony and was caught on video while boarding a bus.

Now, fans are curious about the fact that whether Dhoni has decided to go back to his original long hair look.

Dhoni used to sport a long hairstyle when he made his debut

When Dhoni first burst onto India’s cricketing scene in 2004, he used to sport long hair that made him an instant fan favorite.

Now, even during advertisements, he sports different hairstyles that his fans adore and also try to copy for themselves.

Additionally, Dhoni’s aggressive batting and long hair got him much acclaim from fans all over India.

Even now seeing the former India skipper in a pony suggests that Dhoni might want to retry his long hair look once more.

Chennai Super Kings won their 5th IPL title this year under MS Dhoni

In last year’s IPL, Dhoni decided to step down from captaincy and handed over the reins to Ravindra Jadeja.

However, their campaign went for a whack as CSK lost game after game after which Dhoni had to take back the captaincy at the halfway stage of the tournament

This year, he led his team from the front and reached the final wherein they locked horns with defending champions, Gujarat Titans.

With 10 runs needed from 2 balls, it was Jadeja who took the team home and gave them their 5th title of the IPL.

Nowadays, Dhoni is often recorded by fans in Ranchi as he drives around in his luxurious cars and bikes.

Now, it will be interesting to see whether Dhoni will be able to play in the IPL next year because his knee has been giving him some trouble lately.

After CSK’s win this year, Dhoni underwent a keyhole surgery for his knee that was troubling him in the tournament.

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