Moin Khan, Wasim Akram, and Shoaib Malik Respond to Sikander Bakht’s Strange Conspiracy Theory

Rohit Sharma

The bizarre conspiracy theories that former Pakistani cricketers had about the Indian team and their performance in the ongoing ODI World Cup have not stopped causing controversy. In Wednesday’s semi-final match at Wankhede Stadium. The Men in Blue defeated New Zealand by a commanding 70 runs to advance to the World Cup final. Star batsmen Virat Kohli and Shreyas Iyer both scored centuries in another impressive display from India. Also Mohammed Shami claimed seven wickets with the ball in yet another amazing display. But following India’s victory, former Pakistani cricket player Sikander Bakht. Because Rohit Sharma tosses the coin far from the other captains on the field. Bakht said that India may be abusing the toss in order to trick and possibly influence the decision being made.

If you see closely enough, whenever Rohit Sharma gets to flip the coin for the toss, he also tosses it far away from the other captain. It is almost far enough that the other captain never really gets to see what ‘s the actual outcome of the toss,” stated Bakht.

Legendary Pakistan pacer Wasim Akram (AFP Image)

Sikander Bakht was bashed by the former Pakistan cricketers for his bizarre conspiracy theory.

The main thesis of Bakht’s post and remarks is that India is taking advantage of home field advantages to gain the upper hand and have their path to World Cup success predetermined.

Former Pakistan cricket players Shoaib Malik, Moin Khan, and Wasim Akram were among those who criticized Bakht for his strange conspiracy theory.

Who decides where the coin should land? It is just for sponsorship! embarrassing,” Akram reacted as a fan asked the question about the same on The Pavilion on A Sports.

I can’t even… I don’t even want to comment on it” Akram further said.

According to former Pakistani captain Moin, Bakht is merely attempting to stir up controversy with his remarks.

He is making a mistake and stirring up trouble. Every captain tosses the coin in a different way,” remarked the former batsman and wicketkeeper for Pakistan.

Shoaib Malik said, “This shouldn’t even be discussed.”

In the meantime, India defeated New Zealand by 70 runs in Mumbai on Wednesday to guarantee their spot in the World Cup final. Virat Kohli hit a record-breaking fifty-one-day international hundred before Mohammed Shami produced an incredible seven wicket haul.

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