Mickey Arthur, the director of the PAK Team, criticizes the tight security in the WC

India vs Pakistan

The 2023 World Cup is approaching its conclusion at a gradual and steady pace. India has emerged as the first team to reach the semifinals. Pakistan, on the other hand, are in a difficult situation. They must win every game they have left and hope for favorable outcomes in other matches. They will play New Zealand in a pivotal match that will significantly impact their tournament destiny at M. Chinnasamy Stadium in Bengaluru. during all of this PAK Team Director Mickey Arthur Criticises Tight Security In WC.

Mickey Arthur Criticises Tight Security In WC

Mickey Arthur, the team director for Pakistan, made a highly contentious comment prior to the match against the Kiwis. Drawing a comparison between Covid limitations and Pakistan’s World Cup security.

According to Arthur, gamers are becoming frustrated with the numerous constraints on their movement, which is making it impossible for them to feel extremely secure. He continued by saying that while the team had no trouble traveling, the players have suffered from being confined to their rooms or a hotel floor.

As a Pakistan team, we play a hell of a lot of cricket so being on the road is nothing new for these guys. What has been tough is the fact that we’ve been under a massive amount of security. So, I’ve been sort of taken aback.

I found it difficult. It’s almost like we’ve been back in the Covid times, where you were almost secluded to your floor and your team room.So much so that their breakfast is in a separate room to everybody else. That’s been the tough aspect.”Arthur stated.

Throughout the World Cup 2023, a number of Pakistani players have experienced fever and other health problems, which their pacer has blamed on “room sickness.” But, because of the political tensions that exist between Pakistan and India, “Men in Green” must naturally have strict security because even a small breach in security can have disastrous consequences.

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