India vs Bangladesh, What foods do fans of MCA Stadium enjoy to eat?

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It took some time for the spectators to enter the Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) Stadium for the India vs. Bangladesh match. On Thursday, October 19, the local police administration installed stringent security measures at all of the stadium’s entrances. As the day went on, it was the supporters who were waiting to enter the stadium in lengthy lines that extended outside the stadium for about two hours.

Narrow access routes and massive traffic congestion make it difficult for spectators to get to Pune MCA Stadium. Which is hosting an ICC Cricket World Cup event for the first time, without a difficulty. Fans patiently waited in line to enter the gates while braving the sun and heat. But despite this, they persisted in their enthusiasm and fervor as “India-India” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” cries resounded outside the gates.

The MCA Stadium in Pune has a 37,000-seat capacity and is located in the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges. The entire arena started humming after the audience, which was primarily wearing blue jerseys, settled in.

The inside of the stadium’s grounds food counters began to fill up. Soon after, as the demand for food and beverages began to skyrocket, the merchants and hawkers who were already set up within the stadium went into high gear. To provide the spectators a unique experience, the stadium started serving food in the stands.

What are the spectators at MCA Stadium eating during IND vs BAN?

Pizza is in great demand at the stadium, and the aroma of cheese-topped pizza has been filling the air. As the viewers began to consume the Italian cuisine, pizza delivery men could be seen buzzing around the flights.

Traditional ‘Bhelpuri’ is the stadium’s second-most popular snack. Along with cool beverages and several kinds of chips, the hawkers were seen hawking regional foods from Maharashtra. The crowd is enjoying these treats while the two competitors are fighting in a tense match.

Kids could be seen queuing up to get burgers and popcorn from some counters, which also sold these foods. Fans are turning to cold drinks of various kinds to beat the heat, which has led to a large demand for them.

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