How India’s Team is Avoiding Travel Fatigue During the 2023 World Cup


The Indian cricket team has traveled approximately 8,000 km from Guwahati to Pune and still has a long path to travel for their remaining round-robin matches in the ongoing 2023 World Cup. The Rohit Sharma-led team is going travel the entire nation for the multi-nation competition.

How BCCI Keeping Team India’s Travel Fatigue at Bay

BCCI has provided private charters and only post-lunch departures the day following the match for the Men in Blue. In order to prevent travel fatigue and minimize burnout due to the demanding schedule.

The team is flying on private charters. It’s a long World Cup and keeping the travel schedule in mind, we have ensured to have only charters. The timings of the flights also have been cautiously kept around the lunchtime after the match,” says a BCCI official.

There are some changes – say a via private charter. When it comes to tricky destinations like Guwahati or Dharamsala but mostly charters are direct,” adds the official.

The lone exception to this rule was Shubman Gill. Gill traveled to Ahmedabad via commercial airplane in the evening while recuperating from dengue in Chennai. While the rest of his colleagues traveled to Delhi for the game against Afghanistan, he remained in Chennai.

The 24-year-old arrived in Ahmedabad late on October 11 while the rest of his team arrived on October 12.

The eve of the match is mostly an optional session, so the team tends to take it easy on that day. Rest, all sessions are conducted with the advice of the medical team. The workload of every individual is taken into account before those sessions. So again, that depends on individual to individual and how their body feels on a given day,” informs the BCCI official.

not just Team India, but also other teams’ private charters.

The BCCI, who are hosting the World Cup, have made sure that all participating teams have private charters due to the rigorous travel schedule. The International Cricket Council (ICC) was in charge of getting the teams to the location of their practice match, and the BCCI took over from there.

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