Rohit Sharma praises the Indian team as players step up

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma said that we were challenges upfront, they bowled pretty well upfront. For us to get to a total on a pitch that had something in it.

Rohit Sharma after the win against defending champions

“This was the game, a lot of character in the squad. When the times were tough, all our experience players stood up at the right time and got the game for us. Looking at how the tournament has gone for us, batting second in the first five games, we had to come and bat here.”

Rohit Sharma further said that

“We were challenging upfront, they bowl pretty well upfront. For us to get to a total on a pitch that had something in it. We just wanted to get to a total where we could play with it. We were not great with the bat today.”

 “Losing three wickets isn’t the ideal situation. When you are in a situation like that. All you are looking to do is create that long partnership, which we got. But a couple of guys threw it at the end, including myself. All I was thinking was to be positive, the balls in my area I want to put it away, that’s how you put pressure back on the bowlers and the opposition as well. When you look at the overall picture, I thought we were 30 runs short.” Rohit Sharma said

“It’s not something you see everyday. When you start your innings, you have to somehow try. And get a couple of wickets to put the pressure back on the opposition. With the experience that our seamers have now, you can always rely and bank on them to get those crucial breakthroughs. That’s exactly what our seamers did. They exploited the conditions pretty well. There was swing, there was lateral movement as well. They put the ball in the right areas to create that doubt in the batters’ mind.” Rohit Sharma said

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