Rajasthan Royals in the race to buy Yorkshire County Cricket Club

IPL franchise, Rajasthan Royals are currently participating in talks with the Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Apparently, the franchise is keen to buy out the county cricket club so as to get full ownership of it and infiltrate into England’s T20 league, The Hundred.

Therefore, if this deal goes through, Yorkshire will become the first club to be owned by an overseas franchise.

Additionally, the Royals have offered a huge sum of 25 million pounds to Yorkshire which amounts to Rs 260 crores.

Rajasthan Royals is planning to get full ownership of the club so that they can remove the member-only ownership after 160 years.

Notably, Yorkshire is in the market because of its huge debt of 15 million pounds.

That’s why reports are surfacing of several buyers in the market who want to take possession of the club.

Also, Yorkshire is in talks with Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan Al Saud, a Saudi Prince.

The only notable difference between Royals and the other buyers is that the IPL franchise will remove the members-only ownership while the others will maintain the members-only ownership of the club.

Royals will provide loan note to Yorkshire after final purchase

Meanwhile, Rajasthan Royals are ready to provide a loan note to Yorkshire after the purchase and later convert it into equity.

A final decision is going to be taken this month itself and the Royals’ offer will be discussed as well.

Also, a note is to be made that Yorkshire holds a great stake in The Hundred.

They are the major shareholders in the franchise, Northern Superchargers in the league.

Therefore, this deal will help the Royals immensely to expand their reach in England.

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