Rahul Dravid explains why part-time bowlers are declining

Rahul dravid

The head coach of the Indian cricket team, Rahul Dravid, expressed his worries about a dramatic change in the game of cricket. Dravid, a renowned batsman renowned for his sharp cricketing intellect, emphasized how changes in fielding limits have impacted part-time bowlers and the game’s dynamics.

The fielding rules underwent a significant modification in 2015 when the number of fielders allowed beyond the 30-yard circle between the 11th and 40th over was limited to just four. Dravid thinks that part-time bowlers, who were formerly well-known for their capacity to bowl tight overs during the middle stage of the game, have suffered as a result of this change.

Dravid outlines the cause

I think it could be because of the rule change. Suddenly you have gone from four fielders inside the ring to five fielders inside the ring. I think that has drastically changed the ability of part-time bowlers to be able to bowl in the middle phase,” Dravid told press.

He thought back to his playing days, when after the fifteenth over, five fielders might enter the 30-yard zone. This used to provide bowlers greater freedom and wiggle room to work without always worrying about giving up runs.

Partly, it is because of two new balls, you have got five fielders in the ring in the middle overs. It’s not that they are not bowling in the nets, a lot of bowlers do try, they bowl in the nets. But if you don’t get opportunities to bowl in the middle then it becomes very difficult to develop your skill,” he said.

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