Pakistan head coach, Grant Bradburn feels the team has a disadvantage

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During the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023, Pakistan is on a losing streak and is almost out of the event.

Meanwhile, head coach, Grant Bradburn has stated that Pakistan doesn’t get to play big nations except in ICC tournaments.

Before the Pakistan-Bangladesh match at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens, he stated that Pakistan definitely deserved to win the World Cup.

Look I’m not sure where you get favourites from because there are 10 teams in this tournament, there’s 150 cricketers who are the best on the planet. In terms of the ICC rankings, we know they are skewed because we don’t get to play India, we don’t get to play a lot of the top nations who haven’t been to Pakistan of late.

Bradburn states that ICC rankings are all skewed up

Additionally, he has also stated that Pakistan first broke into the top 5 and then became No.1 last month.

We were No.5 in April, we became No.1 recently before the tournament, and that might be where you term the phrase favourites. But we’re realistic. We have not been the best in the world as yet, so which highlights where we are in this tournament right now. We have no divine right to beat anyone in this tournament.

Before the start of the tournament, Pakistan played just seven ODIs against India, England, and Australia.

Meanwhile, other teams like Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Ireland, and Nepal have played fewer matches against these big nations.

Furthermore, Pakistan also faces the disadvantage of not playing in the IPL which makes them unfamiliar with Indian conditions.

Bradburn says that Pakistan has prepared well for the tournament

Says Bradburn after taking over the team in April,

No, we don’t feel isolated or intimidated by that. Mickey [Arthur] and I, when we took over this team in April, six months ago, we recognized that the team was playing a gear or two below where we wanted the team to be playing in terms of the brand, because we know the brand of cricket that is winning against quality teams is a more dynamic brand than perhaps, we were playing.

Adding further, he says,

So, it hasn’t been a big lead-in to this major tournament for us. Ideally preparation for a tournament like this starts four years ago. We started six months ago and changed direction in the way that we want to play the game of cricket, especially the one-day brand.

Concluding, he says,

It’s taking a bit longer than we were hoping, but we want to play a dynamic brand that matches the challenge of the conditions we’re playing in. So, this tournament is foreign condition for us. None of our players have played here before. Every venue is a new one, including this one. So, we’ve done our homework meticulously on our opposition, on our venues that we’re playing at, and we’re prepared very, very well for each and every encounter.

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