MS Dhoni talks about his exit from the 2019 ODI World Cup semifinal


India’s notable ex-skipper, MS Dhoni, talks about his exit from the 2019 ODI World Cup semifinal against New Zealand. MS Dhoni got run out by Martin Guptill.


One of the most devastating scenes for Indian cricket fans was MS Dhoni’s run out in the 2019 ODI semifinal. MS Dhoni was just a distance away to slide his bat for the second run. He scored 50 off 72 balls in the match. Talking about his run out, MS Dhoni said,

“It is difficult to control the emotions in a close game (especially) when you have lost. Inside, I am done with my planning. To me, that was the last day I played cricket for India (even though) I announced my retirement one year later. But the fact was, that day I retired.” He further continued that,

“We are given those machines (for monitoring fitness) and every time I went to the trainer I gave it back to him but he would say, ‘no, no, you keep it’. Now, how do I tell him that I do not need this anymore and I will not be needing it because I did not want to announce it (retirement) at that point of time” 

Talking off his retirement MS Dhoni added,

“Once you are high on emotion, you know the only thing you have done in the last 12 or 15 years is playing cricket and then there is no more a chance of representing your country. It is a very big thing. You have so many people but only a few get a chance to represent the country. Irrespective of which sport you play, when you go out to play you are representing your country. If you go to Commonwealth (Games) or Olympics or we go in ICC tournaments we are representing our country and that is a very big thing. Once I quit cricket there was no way out for me to represent our country.” 

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