Know the economic impact of World Cup for all the teams

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The ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 is days away from its commencement. All the participating teams have already arrived in the host nation, as the tournament is about to get underway soon. Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council (ICC), the apex cricket governing authority. Has revealed the amount of money that the economies of participating nations will receive during the World Cup.

It has come to notice that the Australian and New Zealand economies will aggregate a total of Rs 2,887 crores (approximately) between them. While the England will see an addition of Rs 3,727 crores in revenues to its economy with the ODI World Cup 2023. However, India – the host nation, will churn the most juice out of all the participating nations.

The Indian economy will receive a whopping sum of Rs 13,318 crores as a forming part of its fiscal revenues owing to the ODI World Cup. The aforementioned nations will see the highest amount of boost to their respective economies. Thus, commercialization of the game has surely reached further heights.

All these figures signifies the marvellous economic growth of the game over the years. From the inception of the game, its been a long journey to see the game where it is now. All the fans of the game would hope the game keeps on growing.

All eyes of the cricketing world would be glued throughout the span of the next 1.5 months as the 10 top teams fight for the biggest glory of the game.

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