India-Pakistan clashes over the years: The Rivalry explained

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Over the years, the India-Pakistan clash has enthralled fans worldwide and it is considered the mother of all games.

These are usually high-octane clashes wherein fans become quite bloodthirsty and even fights ensue between them.

However, over the years, this rivalry has toned down a bit, and fans have become a bit tolerant towards each other as well.

If we talk about previous rivalries between these two sides in history, then there have been many nasty fights between the two players.

Even fans used to get quite violent during these clashes and we got news of outbreaks between fans of these two sides.

Many times, these games also put fans in quite a state of shock and many fans have died as a result of cardiac arrests.

Also, these have been some of the most thrilling games that go right down to the wire and fans wait expectantly for these games to happen.

A look at the stats of India-Pakistan matches; Who has won how many games

Both sides are gunning to take each other down in the 3rd game, let us talk about the stats between these two sides.

When it comes to ODI cricket, both these sides have faced each other for a total of 132 ODIs over the years.

Meanwhile, India has won 55 times against the Men in Green while Pakistan has won 73 times against Men in Blue.

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