India-New Zealand match could see thunderstorms and rain

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Table toppers, New Zealand and India will lock horns against one another tomorrow at Dharamsala’s HPCA Stadium.

Talking about their form, both teams are unbeaten in the ongoing tournament and will look to upstage one another.

However, news from the venue doesn’t look too promising for tomorrow’s game as there are weather disruptions.

Meanwhile, fans are eagerly awaiting the mighty clash between these two sides and want India to take revenge for the 2019 semifinal loss.

Back in 2019, India were almost on the cusp of winning the ODI World Cup for the 3rd time.

However, their journey to achieve the dream received a major shock of a loss of 18 runs by the Blackcaps.

But, according to the Meteorological Department, there are chances of a thunderstorm and a 43 percent chance of rains that can affect the toss.

India and New Zealand will share points if the game gets washed out

Additionally, the day at Dharamsala is going to be a chilly one for both sides with a maximum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, there is going to be a 74 percent cloud cover over the stadium and by evening the temperature will drop some more.

Furthermore, the cloud cover will increase to 100 percent over the stadium and this is certainly not good news for fans.

Meanwhile, this game is a crucial one for both sides and if it gets washed out, both teams will share one point each.

Therefore, this game is going to be a thriller for both India and New Zealand and it will also decide who will dominate the rest of the tournament as well.

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