India becomes Pakistan after making fielding errors against Bangladesh

Mohammed Siraj

During the ongoing game between India and Bangladesh at Pune today, there was a severe misfielding committed by the hosts.

In the 31st over of the 1st innings, there occurred two chances of run-outs but Bangladesh made merry.

While India calls itself sharp in terms of fielding, the same didn’t happen today as they committed one blunder after another.

Meanwhile, this situation is the hallmark of the Pakistani cricket team when they play their games against any opposition.

Additionally, during the over, India attempted two direct hits at the stumps.

Shardul bowled a back-of-the-length delivery to Mushfiqur Rahim who played it towards backward point for a single run.

Jadeja and Rahul assume chances of run-out but give away extra runs; India commits a unique fielding error

Meanwhile, Ravindra Jadeja threw the ball at the strikers’ end. With the wickets broken, Bangladesh scored another run.

Afterward, KL Rahul again picked up the ball and threw it at the non-strikers’ end just as Shardul was going back to his run-up.

Once again, Bangladesh made a run for it and obtained three runs when it had been a single all along.

Furthermore, as India committed this massive blunder on the field, skipper Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were shocked and left in utter disbelief.

However, India did manage to restrict the Bangla Tigers to 256/8 in the latter’s 50 overs.

Now, India is at 130/1 in just 19 overs and requires another 127 runs to win their 4th game.

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