Gautam Gambhir faces stern reaction from fans over hypocritic remark

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Former India batter, Gautam Gambhir has recently talked about the India-Pakistan game in the 2010 Asia Cup.

In that game, India defeated Pakistan by 3 wickets and secured a good win over the Men in Green.

But, now he is receiving backlash from the fans over his hypocritical remark about that game and he has stated that it was Harbhajan who won the game for India.

Meanwhile, Gambhir is always of the opinion that cricket is a team sport and that the contribution of every individual matters.

That’s why he has commented that fans should stop their worship of individual players and instead focus on celebrating the whole team.

During the 2010 Asia Cup game against Pakistan, Gambhir and former skipper MS Dhoni almost got India to the finish line.

But, in the end, Harbhajan Singh scored the winning runs for India and that’s why Gambhir says that it was him who won the game.

I did not win that match for India. It was Harbhajan. Yes I did get a partnership with Dhoni but I believe that the batter who scores the winning run actually clinches victory for the team.

Fans criticize Gambhir’s opinions on social media

However, this talk did not sit well with the fans who took to their social media accounts and heavily trolled Gambhir for his opinion.

According to the fans, Gambhir has always talked about cricket being a team sport but is now calling Harbhajan Singh the match-winner.

Meanwhile, in the game, Gambhir scored 83 from 97 balls, and MS Dhoni made 56 from 71 balls.

On the other hand, Harbhajan remained not out on 15 in the same game.

This has triggered a lot of negative reactions from fans and they gave Gambhir a lot of backlash for saying such things.

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