Gautam Gambhir calls MS Dhoni selfless; says he could’ve achieved a lot

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Former India opener, Gautam Gambhir has recently spoken very highly of former India skipper, MS Dhoni.

Earlier, Gambhir used to criticize Dhoni a lot for his actions, but it seems, that now even he has developed a soft corner for him.

According to Gambhir, Dhoni always put the team first and himself second during his playing days and was quite a selfless player.

During the 2011 World Cup, in the final against Sri Lanka, Dhoni made 91 not out and made India win the prestigious trophy.

However, Gambhir was not appreciative of Dhoni at that time because he thought that the latter was stealing the limelight.

But, now after all these years, Gambhir has decided to take a more appreciative stance for India’s former skipper.

Gambhir also feels that if Dhoni hadn’t been India’s skipper at all, he could’ve achieved a lot of greatness in ODI cricket.

Because of captaincy, he couldn’t achieve what he could have achieved as a batter. A lot of times as captain you have to keep team first. If MS was not captain, he could have batted at No 3. I am sure he could have broken several ODI records. He has won a lot of trophies, but individually he sacrificed his international runs for trophies.

For Gambhir, Dhoni is a big boon to Indian cricket

Commenting further, Gambhir has called Dhoni a transformative figure in Indian cricket as he broke away from tradition.

He has stated that while wicketkeepers were thought of as keepers first, then batters, Dhoni turned the picture completely around.

The world used to see MS Dhoni as a batter first and then as a wicketkeeper which is a new transition.

Earlier, they were keepers first and batters later, but MS was batter first and then was a wicketkeeper. It was a blessing for Indian cricket that in MS Dhoni, we got a wicketkeeper-batter who can win you matches from No 7, because he had that power game.

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