David Warner pushes for umpire statistics to be posted in stadiums

David Warner

David Warner was the victim of a marginal lbw verdict against Sri Lanka in their 2023 World Cup match. He wants umpires to be held accountable for bad calls and wants their statistics to be revealed on the big screen.

Warner pushes for umpire statistics to be post in stadiums

Dilshan smack Warner on the pad against Sri Lanka, although the ball appears to be angle down the leg side. Much to Warner’s amazement, on-field umpire Joel Wilson called him out, which he promptly reviewed.

Ball-tracking did not support him, as the ball was shown to be clipping the leg stump. Warner was forced to walk back on the umpire’s call. The left-hander was upset by the ruling, smashing his bat against the ground and voicing his displeasure before going back. He came to a halt as he approached the boundary rope and looked back, perhaps speaking to Wilson again before entering into the locker room.

Warner is not in the mood to forgive two days after the incident and wants more clarity from both technology and umpires to eliminate such calls. “‘Basically, I basically sprayed out loud in fury. When something hits me on the outside of the leg, I usually know it’s moving down the leg. When I was out there, I ask Joel what happen and why he gave it out. He said that the ball was swinging back“.

Warner also requested that the ICC investigate the potential of broadcasting umpire statistics on the big screen. So that players are better aware of who is more likely to award them 50-50 calls.

Players stats go up on the board as you walk out to bat,” he said. “When they announce the umpires, I’d love to see their stats come up on the board as well. The NRL does it. I think the NFL does it. It’s a great thing for the spectators to see as well”.

Warner has returned to the World Cup with scores of 41, 13 and 11, with Australia winning one game, against Sri Lanka. They lost to India and South Africa before beating the Lankans, and they will play Pakistan next on Friday, October 18.

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