Boundary rope controversy: Iman-ul-Haq catch in the boundary questioned


Fans allege the Boundary rope was not in its original place in the PAK vs SL match, sparking controversy. Iman-ul-Haq’s catch fielding in the deep mid-wicket boundary sparks debate on the internet.


Pakistan’s second match of the World Cup campaign was against Sri Lanka. The match was at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Delhi, on October 10. The subject of considerable buzz is the boundary rope controversy. Netizens claim that during the Pak vs SL match, the boundary rope was a bit pushed from its original position. The video of Iman-ul-Haq’s catch at the fence to dismiss Kushal Mendis’s on Hasan Ali’s delivery is getting viral.

Sri Lanka’s Kushal Mendis was batting determinedly, adding runs to the scoreboard. Moreover, Mendis smashed a century in just 65 balls. He scored 122 runs in 77 balls. In addition, Kushal Mendis smashed two consecutive massive sixes to Hasan Ali’s delivery in the 29th over.

However, Kushal Mendis, going for his third in the same over, mistimed it and had to return to the pavilion. Kushal Mendis’s hit didn’t get the distance, and he had to depart, getting caught in the boundary line. Iman-ul-Haq, fielding at the boundary line, took an excellent catch to dismiss Mendis.

However, the replay of the catch indicated the boundary rope being pushed back. Mendis would have achieved his third maximum in the over if the boundary was at its original spot. Moreover, it is the second boundary rope controversy of the World Cup. The same scenario occurred during the PAK vs NED match. In the 21st over, the boundary rope being out of its actual place was noticeable. This boundary rope controversy raises concern over Pakistan’s involvement in foul play. Moreover, it also questions about the integrity of the game.

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