Andrew Flintoff to get 17 million dollars as accident settlement

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Andrew Flintoff met with a accident during a show making last year.

Andrew Flintoff accident

“BBC Studios has reached an agreement with Freddie that. We believe supports his continued rehabilitation, return to work and future plans,” a statement from the company read on Andrew Flintoff

“We have sincerely apologised to Freddie and will continue to support him with his recovery.”

In March, a spokesperson for the Health and Safety Executive confirmed that the national regulator for workplace safety had concluded its inquiries into the incident. It stating that no further investigation was required. However, in September, Andrew Flintoff made his first public appearance. Since the accident when he engaged in fielding drills with England players in Cardiff. Notably, he displayed visible facial scarring and had tape on his nose, demonstrating the lasting impact of the ordeal.

Furthermore, BBC studious is to taking care of all the medical expenses of Andrew Flintoff during his rehab. BBC Studios is doing the investigation on their own about the accident. The former cricketer was also interviews two times after the accident for the investigation purpose. All the cricketers and cricket fans wish a speedy recovery to Flintoff and want him to return to commentary.

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